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Here I Stand: 2-Player Diplomacy Deck
average 180 minutes
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Negotiation Political Wargame Renaissance Expansion for Base-game Religious
Hand Management Point to Point Movement Variable Player Powers Campaign / Battle Card Driven

The Here I Stand: 2-Player Diplomacy Deck allows two players to go head-to-head as the Papacy and the Protestants, with the four other major powers continuing to influence the game. 19 new cards in this expansion. The rule adjustments for this variant run about 3 pages. Playing time for experienced players is under 3 hours. Issue Nr19 of RBM's C3i Magazine includes the variant. It is the first set of playing cards ever published with the Magazine (other than Rise of the Luftwaffe cards that needed to be cut apart for use). This variant is also included in the deluxe edition of Here I Stand.

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