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1 - 3 players
average 5 minutes
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Abstract Strategy Card Game Educational
Pattern Building

Stoplights is a game for 2 or 3 players that is easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for all ages. Players start with 4 cards each and compete to be the first to line up 5 of their color stoplights horizontally or diagonally. On a players turn they may play a card and draw a replacement, cover any card on the table with one from their hand, or draw 2 cards. That's it! It sounds easy, but it is hard to do. Games sometimes last only seconds, but most last several minutes. The strategies are deep, but the game is easy enough a 5 year old can win. As an educational tool, Stoplights is a great way to help young ones count, and group colors. Fans of strategy games will find it a quick, but challenging filler. This game is suitable Ages 4 and up

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