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Supremacy: Colonial Legions and Merchant Marine
3 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Wargame Expansion for Base-game Modern Warfare

Use Your Colonies to Supply Resources and Men When you build armies, the number of troops you can deploy is limited by the number of territories you occupy. Now your colonies are important for their raw resources and manpower. The more countries you occupy, the more men you can send to war. When you need troops, you can draft any rogue from any colony. Get Resources Quick, But Not Cheap Use your merchant marine to ship your grain oil or minerals in a hurry. You can even get your precious cargoes when you're under attack. The more merchant ships you own, the more resources you can ship. If you have the ships and the money, you can buy anything, from anywhere. Secure Your Sea Lanes or Else Beware! The enemy may use his warships and subs to sink your merchant ships. Your days of war are numbered if you're cut off from your supplies of grain, oil and minerals. Remember: no ships, no sales, no money, no victory. Playing Equipment Colonial Legions and Merchant Marine come in eight different sets of cubes and oblongs, color matched to a superpower or middle power. Each cube represents one colonial legion or army. Each oblong represents one merchant ship or navy. Decals with the letter „M" are provided to identify merchant ships. Each player receives twenty decals and places one decal on each of his merchant ships. Mushroom clouds (18) are black and are shaped like mushrooms. A cloud is used to mark where a nuclear bomb has exploded. Expands: Supremacy

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