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David Dickinson's Antique Chase
2 - 6 players
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Negotiation Movies / TV / Radio theme
Auction/Bidding Trading

Based on the UK TV show "Bargain Hunt". David Dickinson's Antique Chase is a traditional board game, where you will need skill and strategy to collect the right antique items and win the game. You spend funny money from 'The Bank of Dickinson' complete with David's picture on the notes. Take the chance to be the auctioneer and get your opponents to outbid one another. 'Bargain Hunt' has become an extremely popular television show, and we all love watching both the huge profits and losses made by the contestants. Well, now you can show off your antique-spotting skills, with "The Duke's" very own board game! As orange as ever, David Dickinson leads players on an antique chase to complete their collection. Real bargains and pieces of tat are all intermingled together, meaning the purchases you make have to be wise if they’re to make a profit. If it’s as cheap as chips, be wary, but you also need ensure you’re not stung with those pricey purchases. Based on the same style playing board used in Monopoly, each square gives you something to do, whether its send an item to auction or swap them with your opponents.

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