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Supremacy: Neutron Bombs and Killer Satellites
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Wargame Expansion for Base-game Modern Warfare

Neutron bombs and killer satellites are new weapons, which will give you more tactical and strategical options during a battle. Fire neutron bombs at a territory, destroy your opponent's armies, then occupy that territory with your own armies and take the resources. Killer satellites are able to attack L-stars and other killer satellites. They may also shoot down nukes. Missile silos are used to fire nukes and neutron bombs. Spaceports are used to launch L-stars and killer satellites. Playing Equipment Colored disks (6 x 39) are color-matched to each superpower. Use them to record the number of neutron bombs and killer satellites in your supply center. They are also used to represent the missile silos and spaceports when placed on the game board. Each colored disk represents one missile silo. Two disks, placed on top of each other, represent spaceports. Colored mushroom clouds (6 x 18) are color-matched to each superpower. Use them to mark where a neutron bomb has exploded. Expands: Supremacy

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