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Akkon: Machtkampf der Tempelritter
2 - 5 players
average 45 minutes
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Medieval Bluffing Religious
Auction/Bidding Variable Player Powers Secret Unit Deployment

A description of the game from Goldsieber: Akkon, 1189 AD. For weeks, the crusaders besieged the harbor cities in the holy land. There the death of their grandmaster shook up the knights of the Temple Order, and as the besiegers tried to find a successor for the grandmaster, a power struggle flared up among the Temple knights. The players take on the roll of dignitaries in the Temple Order during the Third Crusade to the holy land. They strive to expand the power of their order in order to increase its gold and renown of the Temple Knights and spread belief in the holy land. This choice group in the Temple Order will determine the most capable member under them to become the new grandmaster. Each player has 7 Temple Knights available each round. The player must use them in order to buy city cards, to finish them, and to increase gold, belief, power, and the appearance of the Temple Order. Whoever does this the best will receive additional privileges to help him realize his goals. Only the player who uses all of his possibilities and keeps his opponents in mind will be triumphant in the end.

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