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3 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Fighting

Kersplatt! is a food fight card game. Players at a dinner party throw food at each other over the table and try to dodge what is thrown at them in a vain effort to stay clean. Players are dealt 5 cards each and the rest are laid face down to form the table. The cards are FOOD to be thrown (having a Splat Factor and Dodge Factor), DODGE to dodge food (having a Dodge Factor), EVENT cards (e.g. Catch, Grab, Oops, Butler etc.) to allow actions, and OBJECT cards (e.g. the host's furniture, paintings etc.). You play cards onto each other and draw from the table until the cards run out. If you dodge food, it might hit an object and the host will hassle the thrower (who misses goes). When players can no longer play cards, whoever has the least food on them is "allowed to think they have won". The production is fairly simple, the graphics are basic (b & w), and the rules are chatty and a bit unclear. The result is an OK game that tries to be funny. There are no secrets. Re-implemented by: Splat!

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