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GridIron Master
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Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers Grid Movement Simulation

GridIron Master is a new strategy football-based board game. The game combines the strategic elements of football with the disciplines and patterns of chess. The game play takes place on a wooden 'exact-to-scale' football field. Both American football or Canadian football versions are available. The size of the field and rules differ depending on the version. Player pieces are plastic pegs are shaped like football helmets. The football snaps on top of the pieces. Each football position is mapped to a corresponding chess position and the piece is allowed to maneuver accordingly. Each football play is conducted as a miniature chess game, seamlessly integrating the strategies of both activities. The "kicking game" is conducted by rolling the "football shaped" dice. The yardage or turnout is given by a look-up sheet which was compiled from years of actual football statistical information. Become the King of Quarterbacks!

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