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2 - 5 players
average 15 minutes
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Card Game
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In Absacker, everyone's trying to grab as much as they can — but you need to close the deal to get the goods. To set up, deal the deck out to all players, with each player creating a personal draw deck, then drawing three cards for a hand. The deck consists of cards numbered 3-7. On a turn, a player lays down 1-3 cards in the center of the table, creating a pile for each number played or adding to an existing pile for that number, so the 3s go on a three pile, the 4s on a four pile, etc. When you play the third 3, the fourth 4, the fifth 5, etc., you take all the cards of that number from the table and place them in a score pile. At the end of your turn, you refill your hand to three cards. When one player has no cards remaining in his draw deck and in his hand, the game ends, and whoever has collected the most cards wins.

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Cruncher Mapache spielt 6 11 54 %
Carina NewWonder's Gaming Group 6 20 30 %
Piffer Gioconi in collina 1 1 100 %
DexterDcat JGS Jogos Analógicos 1 1 100 %
Lindsay ctsinclair's Gaming Group 1 2 50 %

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