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Kill the Hippies
2 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Humor Party Game Memory Religious Mature / Adult
Hand Management Memory Acting Singing

You and Your Fundie brothers and sisters use different Relics to kill the Hippies. Each of 2-6 players leads members of the fanatical religious right in their Holy Crusade to rid the world of those dirty hippies. At a party or at a pub, play Kill the Hippies. It’s a card game for everyone: sinner or saint (but to have a Bible helps!) Choose the length of the game; you and your friends in faith select how many Hippies there is time to deal with. Players can Convert or Kill with various mundane and religious relics. Conversions are always worth more points. But Events sometimes occur that help the Hippies...damn you KARMA! Remember, God is judging you. (Rom 12:19)

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