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Starship Catan: 1st Mission – The Space Amoeba
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Science Fiction Print & Play Space Exploration Expansion for Base-game

An expansion to Starship Catan that was included in the Jan/Dec 2003 edition of undefeated magazine. Description: "A gigantic Space Amoeba is threatening the planets of the alien galaxy. Players attempt to solve the mystery of the Space Amoeba, which is located in the areas of the lost planets and the adventure planets. In order to solve the mystery, a player must reach a planet that is indicated on an adventure card. The player solves the mystery if he matches the number of science points indicated on the adventure card. He positions the card in front of him and discards the indicated amount of science points from his science module. A player cannot position more than 5 adventure cards in front of him." Contents: Rules 12 cards 2 Analysis modules This is a download expansion set for Starship Catan which can be obtained from the Starship Catan website. Also included in issue #3 of the magazine Undefeated! Part of the Catan Series. Expands: Starship Catan

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