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2 - 6 players
average 120 minutes
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Economic City Building
Set Collection Stock Holding Roll / Spin and Move

Players try to get rich investing their money in Metropolis. Each turn corresponds to a business day in town. A newspaper announce what can be done this day: whether taxes must be paid, real estate can be acquired, the stock market is active, new building licenses are available, a new floor of the downtown skyscrapers may be built. After the first phase, when players pay/gain money according to the news, each player moves through the city (walking, by taxi, by bus or using the underground), trying to get first to the offices where the available deal can be done. As soon as two deals are completed, the business day may end. The games goes on until the last available skyscraper floor has been built. The richer player (money, stock value and real estate value) is the winner.

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