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Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Battle For Skull Pass
average 120 minutes
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Fantasy Fighting Miniatures Wargame
Dice Rolling Variable Player Powers

Similar to the "Battle Of Macragge" set for Warhammer , the Battle for Skull Pass is an introductory set for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but it is a stand alone game, with Dwarf and Goblins. It comes with dice, templates, measuring sticks, 2 armies, scenery, a pocket rulebook, and a Scenario book. From the Games Workshop online store: "Re-enact the infamous Battle for Skull Pass, where resolute Dwarfs and sneaky Night Goblins clash for the possession of ancient mines. This boxed game Contains two complete armies - Goblins and Dwarfs - and several introductory scenarios, allowing you to start playing straight away. The starter booklet provides an excellent entry-point into the world of fantasy battles. New players will find easy to follow examples for all the main parts of the Warhammer game, as well as profiles for all the models in the box. The 144-page pocket-sized rulebook is a useful resource for all hobbyists. All the information you need to play the game is right here. This boxed game contains over 100 Citadel Miniatures, a pocket-sized rulebook, starter booklet, dice, templates and scenery." Reimplements Warhammer (7th Edition)

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