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Numbers League: Adventures in Addiplication
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Children's Game Comic Book / Strip Educational Math
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From the Publisher: A Superhero themed math based standalone card game for ages 8 and up. Villains lurk in the streets of Infinity City and the only hope is the Numbers League. Assemble your team of Superheroes, use the sum of their incredible powers and ingenious devices to capture as many villains as you can. Numbers League - Adventures in Addiplication is a stand alone superhero themed card game where your basic math skills can save the day. The more you play the sharper these skills will become until no villain is safe from your numerical onslaught. Included in the box are 24 double-sided Villain cards (different values on each side), 21 Device cards, 75 Superhero body part cards (25 heads, 25 chests, and 25 legs), four note pads and a 16-page full-color rules booklet with instructions in English, German, French, and Spanish. Note The current printing comes in a much smaller box, omitting the note pads and replacing the rule book with an English-only full-color trifold.

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