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Galactic Emperor
3 - 6 players
average 90 minutes
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Civilization Science Fiction Space Exploration
Dice Rolling Tile Placement Modular Board Variable Phase Order

Galactic Emperor is a fast paced empire-building game of exploration, conflict, and struggle for dominance. The last Galactic Emperor has met with a sudden and quite fatal accident. Now there is a power vacuum in the galaxy, and you’re one of the Planetary Dukes who wants to fill it. Each player controls a space sector with a home planet, and for a time, shares the power of the galactic throne. During the fight for control, the central Omega Sun is heading toward collapse… a cataclysm that will only accelerate the chaos! The game plays over several rounds, and within each round, the roles players choose determine what happens next. There are 7 different types of roles: Explorer, Steward, Merchant, Engineer, Warlord, Regent, and Scientist. All players get a turn to act during each role. Players discover planets, gain resources, build ships, and attack space fleets in a desperate effort to grind foes into cosmic dust! The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins, becoming the ultimate Galactic Emperor! Designer: Adam West Contents: Board and rules 1 Full Color Galaxy Board 1 Rule Booklet Ships (74 plastic ships) 48 Small sized Fighters 24 Medium sized Cruisers 12 Huge sized Dreadnoughts Resource Cubes (94 wooden cubes) 40 Food Resource Cubes (green) 36 Metal Resource Cubes (blue) 18 Energy Resource Cubes (yellow) Hexagon Tiles 38 Sector Tiles Counters 6 Home Starbase Tokens 66 Colorful Empire Tokens 66 Victory Chits (value 1, 3, 5 - dark blue) 70 Galactic Marks Chits (value 1, 5 - silver & gold) Cards 1 Direction Card 1 Throne Card 6 Ship Reference Cards 6 Storage Facility Cards 7 Unique Role Cards (Merchant, etc.) 12 Technology Cards (Robotics, etc.)

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