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Fairy Meat: WAR
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Miniatures Wargame Humor Expansion for Base-game

From the Publisher's website: In War, Straightedge Fairies, Greater Fae, Goblikes and Imps enter the scene! With amber armor, sunflower bombs, pistols, rifles and other dangerous weapons, the Straightedges bring squad-based war to the fairies! Goblike mercenaries strengthen this army (when they're not busy eating it), and Imps and Greater Fae likewise enjoy the new state of fairy affairs. After all, in the old days, it was frowned upon to senselessly riddle another fairy with a hail of arrows! Even better, this 32-page Fairy Meat supplement features new rules for establishing ongoing campaigns! With skill points, your fairies can learn as they kill and become tougher than ever! This book also includes rules for Fame, new printable warband and squad sheets, and much more! Although War is fully compatible with Fairy Meat, it is a supplemental rulebook only. Unless you already know how to play, you will need the Fairy Meat core rulebook in order to play effectively. Expands: Fairy Meat

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