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Silent Death House: ASP Technocracy
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Science Fiction Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game

From the back cover: "SCIENCE FIRST HUMANITY SECOND" " We're under attack and need help immediately. I repeat immediate response requested.' "Who is the aggressor, Red Hawk patrol?" Before Wolf could answer, yet another alarm beeped insistently through the smoky blaring cockpit. This one spelled doom for his Lurching unresponsive Night Hawk-missile lock and launch. " Technocracy ships." Wolf spat as the missiles closed. "They've got some kind of smart torpedo. Tell everyone to watch out for..." A scream finished his sentence as a barrage of missiles pounded his ship, blowing it into a thousand pieces of twisted metal. ASP Technocracy presents the near destruction of one of the Terran Empire's most influential houses, and its post-Imperial rise to dominance. ASP Technocracy includes: • 5 new ASP fighter wings • 3 new basic scenarios with maps • 2 new advanced scenarios with maps • A comprehensive ASP time line and history • New ASP weapon systems: - Entropic Accelerator - Graviton Cannon - C Torpedoes - Parasite Torpedoes • Four new Space Fighters: - Binary -Nova -Pulsar -Quark • Two new Warhounds: -Nebula II -Pteradon • Two refits: - Spirit Rider IV -Shryak Shuttle III

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