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Silent Death Annex: Rules of Warfare II
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Science Fiction Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game

From the back cover: RULES OF WARFARE II " Ha!" screamed Erik as disrupter gun fire flashed through the space beside his Marut. With just a squeeze his impulse gun scored a ravaging hit against the offending Chupacabra. The mangled Chupy tumbled through space scattering un-launched missiles like a trail of breadcrumbs behind it. With a flick of his wrist Erik saluted his fallen opponent "Bye-bye goat sucker." Rules of Warfare II (ROW 11) is the Silent Death supplement for scheduling tournaments, and organizing Silent Death Events. Rules of Warfare II includes: • The Rules of Warfare II official tournament guidelines • Pre=constructed ROW II fleets for: - Prize Ships - Kashmere - ASP - Espan - Sunrunner - Sigurd - Yoka-Shan - Fighter Tactics • Crew allocation system optional rule • A House based league system • Full color counter sheets • A fold-out map for tabletop play • A Millennium Warriors ranking program update • Refits for the Silent Death prize ships: - Dolphin II - Orca Alpha - Piranha II - Executioner II - Snarling Badger II • The official Millennium Warrior event sanctioning procedure • 2 Smash style events: - 4 Ship Smash - House Smash

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