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Silent Death Annex: Hostile Takeover
2 - 8 players
average 120 minutes
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Science Fiction Miniatures Wargame Expansion for Base-game

From the back cover: GOT ANY COLLATERAL? The crowd fell silent as the powerful voice of President Martinez echoed across Espan space. " The economic problems of Espan are caused by one factor: dependence on outside houses for assistance, most notably the,Kashmere Commonwealth. Reparation payments and lost tariffs are draining the Espan Economy... " ...all debts owed by the Espan system are now null and void. No power will be repaid any debts, nor are any previous agreements still valid. We do this in defiance of the powers that would hold our economy hostage for their gain." Hostile Takeover documents the presidential term of Pedro Martinez, his efforts to free Espan from the stifling yoke of Kashmere debt, and the war that resulted. Hostile Takeover includes: • 2 new Kashmere fighter wings • 2 new Espan fighter wings • 12 new scenarios with maps • One new weapon system • Four new Space Fighters: -Agni -Strata -Prowler -Surya • One new Warhound: -Kali • One new Freighter: -Astrahauler • Six refited ships: -Scorpion Beta -Epping Beta -Narwhal MK III -Eagle Beta -Kosmos 111 -Blood Hawk II

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