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2 - 6 players
average 90 minutes
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Fantasy Adventure
Variable Player Powers Partnerships Role Playing Area Movement

Dorn is a fantasy strategic role-playing game. One of the players is the Dorn Keeper, who each turn spawns various new monsters. Five heroes need to battle the monsters, collect three sacred artifacts and finally defeat the Dorn Keeper. The game uses no dice in combat (a hero kills a weak monster, wounds a stronger one; more than one monster is needed to wound a hero), has superb graphics and includes variety of options and skills to ensure replayability - players can choose from nine heroes, various items can be found on the board, some passages are randomly blocked, the Dorn Keeper can cast different special spells in each game, etc.) Both heroes and the Dorn Keeper can advance in levels, thus gaining new skills (heroes by gaining experience from slain monsters, Dorn Keeper by causing enough wounds to heroes). Home Page: (Czech)

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