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König und Konsorten
2 - 5 players
average 25 minutes
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Card Game
Pick-up and Deliver

It´s a little like the German game "Mau Maus". There are four colors with five cards each. Also there are colored "law-cards" You start with 12 coins and the game ends if one player has no more money at the end of a round. The player with the most money will win. If it´s your turn you have to place a card on the start card. It has to match the color or the name of that card. If you can´t place a card you have to take a new one. If you can´t place it neither your turn ends. The law-cards force other player to do silly things every turn or get a disadvantage during the round or at the end of it. A few of the cards have instant effects on them. box-inventory 82 cards 60 coins (gold and silver) rules

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