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2 - 8 players
average 60 minutes
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Trivia Medical
Roll / Spin and Move

Players roll dice to race around the board, catching diseases and trying to be cured. Catch diseases left in public places, pass diseases to other players, get cured in the medical stations. Medicaid, Christmas bonuses, and the lottery help pay the bills. Diagnose your disease in the Info center, get it wrong and you catch the disease! Disease cards provide a wealth of information, are color coded to indicate severity from basic diseases to major communicable diseases. Each card includes both the common and Latin name, causes, symptoms and treatments. Multiple medical libraries and medical professionals have been consulted to insure the accuracy of the information. Treatment options and prices vary over a large range. Visiting the Voodoo Doctor is the cheapest way to go, but his results can be unpredictable. The intensive care center has the best service, but is the most expensive place to be cured.

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