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Nomads of Arabia: The Wandering Herds Game
3 - 6 players
average 45 minutes
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Economic Arabian
Dice Rolling Modular Board

Follow the Pilgrim on the path to Mecca, capturing wild camels, goats, donkeys and horses on the way. The desert shifts -- don't let your herds get lost in the desert! In cities along the way you can sell your animals and find new handlers to help you capture different animals. When you reach Mecca, the Nomad who makes the largest offering to Allah wins the game! Choose a first player. Players will take turns in clockwise order. On a turn, you will move your Nomad (or not), use Handlers to capture or call wild animals, shift the desert, or sell your animals in the cities. Nomads must keep moving to avoid being lost in the desert, and the Pilgrim travels constantly toward Mecca. When the players reach Mecca, the Nomad who is able to make the most generous offering becomes most blessed in the eyes of Allah and wins the game. 72 Dinar cards 43x66mm

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