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Prophecy: Dragon Realm
2 - 5 players
average 180 minutes
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Fantasy Adventure Expansion for Base-game
Point to Point Movement Role Playing Cooperative Play Variable Phase Order

Dragon Realm is a first expansion for a popular adventure fantasy game Prophecy. In Dragon Realm you will be exploring one of the astral spheres, that hides powerful artifacts. Flying through the mountains you meet lots of new adventures, and you either return as a wealthy and powerful hero, or wounded with empty pockets. It depends only on you. Dragon Realm brings races into game, so you can possibly play a dwarf mercenary, or elven ranger. Nothing restricts you to play any combination, from troll wizard to halfling warrior, any combination is possible and again it depends only on your game style. In the box, you also find new adventures for the basic board, new skills and several minor rule changes. Expands: Prophecy

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