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Welt der Winde
2 - 6 players
average 75 minutes
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Science Fiction Transportation
Simultaneous Action Selection Pick-up and Deliver

Multi-player game set in a science fiction "World of the Winds." Gliders fly to a central island, pick up a fictional precious mineral and then fly home again. Minerals are represented by actual small rocks. Winds come from the four cardinal directions, apply the same for all players and are represented by six dice which hold the four colors. Movement of a glider is handled as the additive result of these dice. Players dial their movements simultaneously and one hopes without error. But one must beware of other gliders which if they land on one, send the glider immediately home without the mineral, much as in Backgammon. Turbulence points in the four corners behave like "warp points" and permit gliders to teleport across the board.

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