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Die Drachenbändiger von Zavandor
2 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game Fighting
Simultaneous Action Selection

In this game, players fight Dragons with swords and nets. The 80 numbered playing cards show one of the following: 1 sword 1 net 2 swords 2 nets 1 sword & 1 net Every dragon card shows 1-5 swords and 0-3 nets. One dragon is revealed from the dragon pile. All players choose one of the five playing cards in their hand and play them simultaneously. Starting with the lowest number on the played cards the number of swords are counted. The player who played the sword that equals the number of swords on the dragon has "tamed" the dragon. If the dragon card shows any number of nets the remaining cards played by the players are checked for any nets. If the number of nets equals the number of nets on the dragon card the player who played the corresponding net cards catches the dragon. If the number of nets played is lower than the one on the dragon the dragon "tamer" wins the dragon card. The players draw cards from the draw pile and the next dragon card is revealed.

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