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Pirates on the High Seas
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Nautical Children's Game Pirates

Description of the game from Ravensburger (Translated by W. Eric Martin): The action game with lots of navigation, working cannons, and a gigantic cloth game mat! Are you ready to take to the high seas as courageous pirates fighting against one another? Then hoist the sails, raise the anchors, and take off to adventure! Who will best steer his ship with skill over the seas? Who will aim, shoot and score with flair? And who at the end will with a little luck bring the most valuable treasures back to the harbor? In this game, you can show who's the real king of the sea. Contents 1 gameboard (1m x 1.6m) 2 pirate ships (each with 1 figurehead, 1 steering wheel, 1 front mast with sail and mast basket, 1 main mast with 2 sails, 1 pirate flag, 1 lantern, and 1 rear trapdoor) 3 cannons 3 cannonballs (= arrows) 4 treasure trunks 1 tower with 1 tower flag and 2 doors 1 dial with spinner 2 provision sacks 2 rum barrels 18 record cards 10 order cards 6 gold coins (3 ea. of sea serpents and sharks) 1 construction instructions 1 game instructions

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