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King Oil
2 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Economic Industry / Manufacturing
Area Control / Area Influence Trading Modular Board Player Elimination

This MB game comes with a plastic "board". Its size is dictated by the three randomizing discs embedded in its base, which are used to generate a new playing area every time (there are 1,728 (12^3) different setups possible). You buy properties, drill for oil, link properties with pipelines so as to collect royalties and try to be the richest player. Event cards complicate matters. Drilling is resolved with a little rig whose plunger is pushed up if it doesn't go through the hidden disc; if it pushes through all three, the well is dry. Deeper holes cost more, of course. Pipelines can be bought once you have 4 producing oil wells on a property; they reach across that property's boundary to another player's property, and are used to siphon royalties from him every turn. This is a clever mechanic that accelerates bankruptcy and keeps total playing time within reasonable limits. Once all players but one are pushed into bankruptcy, the remaining one is the winner.

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