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Scrabble Junior: The Disney Edition
2 - 4 players
average 30 minutes
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Word Game Movies / TV / Radio theme Children's Game Educational
Tile Placement Chit-Pull System

Scrabble Junior: The Disney Edition is (as the name would suggest) a Disney-themed version of the Scrabble Junior family. The game features a two-sided gameboard and 101 letter tiles. The words to be created are printed on the gameboard, and the players take turns placing up to two letters per turn onto those words, always placing the next letter of the word in order. Points are scored for being the player to place the letter tile that completes a word. The game is obviously aimed at children (ages 5+, per the box). From the game box: "Match up letters to create popular Disney words! Can you spell out Jasmine? Or maybe you can finish the word Simba. Use your letter tiles to build crosswords on the picture-filled game board. Each time you finish a word, you get a scoring chip. When all of the tiles are played, the one with the most chips wins! Have twice the fun with the two-sided board. Flip over the board and build words like Mirror and Fawn."

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