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1 - 15 players
average 30 minutes
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Racing Sports
Hand Management Card Drafting Simulation

This game was developed with the support of the French cycling association. Criterium is a cycling game that is not dice controlled, tactics is important, this is done by playing cards from the hand. There are 15 cyclists (very nice miniatures) in the game, before the game it has to be decided how many will be used by each player (normally 3 per player, in case of 15 people playing this game, each will have just 1 cyclist). The board is double sided (69x51cm.) with at one site a racecourse and on the other side an oval indoor track. There are 189 cards that determine the value (ranging from 7 to 16) of the movement, 27 bonus cards, 17 risk cards, 6 metro cards and 25 replenishing cards. The winner is the player who's cyclist reaches the longest distance after the finish line after the final turn. Bonus cards are very important in this game, it allows cyclists to stay in the wheel of another cyclist and as a result exploit the slipstream. The game consists of basic and advanced rules.

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