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Who Stole Ed's Pants?
3 - 4 players
average 60 minutes
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Card Game
Take That

An overview from the rules: Who Stole Ed's Pants? is a friendly game of fraud, treachery and injustice. You'll play two rounds of the game, and after each one, every player will accumulate points based on how guilty they look and add it to their running total. At the end of the second round, a winner and a loser will be decided. The game centers on the three factual categories of the game: When: The time of the theft Where: The location of the crime Who: A partial description of the thief Because no one has bothered to ask Ed about the details of the crime, police have nothing but wild rumor and rampant speculation to go on. You'll be able to change the alleged facts of the case and alter the focus of the investigation in each of these three crime categories. At the same time you'll plant evidence on other players. If a round ends while the case facts match up with the evidence planted on you, the police will grow suspicious. Too much incriminating evidence after each round will land you in the big house for the theft of Ed's pants. In a 4-player game, players sitting across from each other are on the same team and you will win or lose together as accomplices. In a 3-player game, it's everyone for themselves.

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