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Dart Wars
2 - 5 players
average 30 minutes
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Fighting Wargame Action / Dexterity
Tile Placement

Dart Wars is world conquest game played with darts. Players choose their homeland by throwing a dart on it, then they place 3 troops on it. A turn consists of each player throwing 3 darts and then moving a troop for each dart if the move is possible. Troops can move from country to country through a common border (be it physical country border or square tile border). When a player arrives in a country where nobody has ever come, he earns a new troop which he places in this country. When a troop arrives in a zone (earth or water) already occupied by an enemy troop, combat erupts. The conflict takes place on the target, the player whose dart is closer to the center is the winner and converts the other troop in one of his. The game’s purpose is to conquer your opponents’ homelands, clearing all their troops present there. The winner is the last player to have protected his country. When a player loses his homeland, he becomes the slave of his conqueror and carries on playing with his troops present in other parts of the world but has to obey his master. This game won a prize at the 2005 International Contest of Boardgames Creators of Boulogne (France), and will be available at ESSEN 2006. To have the best results in the sticking of the darts on the map, the map has to be hung quite high on the wall. A good height consists in putting the center of the small red and white target at the level of the players' eyes. In that configuration, the trajectory of the darts is optimum and they stick very well.

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