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Bunny Hop
2 - 5 players
average 15 minutes
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Animals Children's Game Action / Dexterity Memory
Dice Rolling Set Collection Memory

There are 5 bunnies in each of 4 colors (red/yellow/green/blue). Underneath each color set of bunnies there are 2 with black pins and 3 with fully colored pins. Those with black pins will not jump when farmer is pressed down and those with fully colored pins will jump when farmer is pressed down. To play: All 20 bunnies are placed randomly in holes of same color on board. Player rolls a 6-sided dice (red/yellow/green/blue/all colors/trade) and picks a bunny same color as that on dice and presses it down into its hole. Then they press the hat of their farmer. If the bunny pops out of the hole the player can keep it. If player rolls a "Trade" they can swap any one of their bunnies for a bunny collected by another player. Next players turn. The first player to collect a set of 4 different colored bunnies is the winner. From the press release: Bunny Hop is a fast paced memory game that helps young learners with their memory and color recognition skills. Players need to help the farmers catch the funny jumping bunnies in this game of bunny "hide and seek". The player that is first to collect at least 1 bunny in each of the 4 colors wins.

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