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Avanti mare!
1 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Nautical Dice Children's Game
Dice Rolling Betting/Wagering Cooperative Play

A river flows into the big sea in Avanti mare!. At one end of the river, a fishing boat starts moving downstream toward the sea that awaits at the end. Halfway to the sea, four fish are playing in the water – but once that boat starts to move, the fish will flee to the safety of the open water. Will they get away, or end up in a net? Players can decide to back either the fish or the fishermen, but the winners will be determined by the die rolls. On a turn, the player rolls the colored die. If the player rolls one of the two colors assigned to the boat, he removes one of the river segments, thereby moving the boat closer to the fish; if one of the fish colors is rolled, that fish moves one space closer to the sea. If the boat moves onto a fish, it catches that fish; if a fish reaches the sea, it escapes and can't be captured. The game ends when all the fish escape or are caught. Which side will come out on top?

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