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McWiz: The Ultimate Game of Knowledge and Trivia
2 - 20 players
average 30 minutes
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Educational Trivia

From the publisher: Mc Wiz was created for people who like to learn while having fun and for those who like to have fun while learning. Whether you enjoy serious questions, trivia, word games, proverbs or not-so-serious questions, you'll love Mc Wiz. You are a sports or history buff, you enjoy TV and the silver screen, you like to learn about science and the world, or you're crazy about word games and completing proverbs and expressions, Mc Wiz will give you hours and hours of challenge and enjoyment. You want to learn about chemistry or brush up on your English grammar, practice your Spanish or your French, review your world capitals? Do it while having fun! Mc Wiz is a "Wise Old Owl". He has 4200 questions that are suitable for teens and adults.

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