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2 - 6 players
average 20 minutes
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Card Game Math
Pattern Recognition Card Drafting

These 52 cards, 11 cards (0 through 10) in each of 4 colour suits plus 6 Rainbow cards and 2 X cards. You try to go out (empty your hand) during each hand; score is kept and the first player to reach 100 wins. Each player is dealt 6 cards. You begin by placing two cards of your choice in front of you, face up, to create two discard piles. The two cards played must match either by colour or by number. In turn, you play one card from your hand onto any of the discard piles. To play onto a pile, the card played must match the other pile's card in number or colour. If you can't or don't wish to play a card, you must draw cards until you can play one. Should the draw be exhausted, a new deck is made from the discard piles, keeping only the topmost cards. To go out, your discard piles must at least tie all the others in number value. Score is 10 points for the player who went out, plus the combined values of the cards left in the other players' hands. The discards aren't scored. Rainbow cards are wild, being of all four colours at once --they match any card. The card value is zero, which may be handy to reduce an opponent's discard piles value. X cards (also worth zero), on the other hand, can only be matched by Rainbow or X cards.

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