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Pirates of the Caribbean Buccaneer
2 - 4 players
average 45 minutes
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Exploration Fantasy Movies / TV / Radio theme Pirates
Card Drafting Trading Pick-up and Deliver

Set Sail! To start the game, the player who does the best pirate impersonation goes first! Move around the board trading, scavenging and battling for treasure. You can pick up Quest Cards on the way, they can help you search for fortune or even bring disaster by sending you off course! Once your ship is laden with treasure, sail back to your port to unload your cargo. The first pirate to safely store 20 treasure points wins! The game has a board with 6 harbors and Tortuga Island, Isla Cruces and Isla de Muerta. The speed at which you can sail across the board is controlled by cards. These cards are either red (normal pirates) or black (cursed pirates) and have a number 1 to 3. The same cards are used to determine your attack value : highest color minus lowest color. The aim of the game is to collect 20 treasure points, where treasures are available in a range of 2 to 5. Re-implements: Buccaneer

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