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Chopper Strike
average 45 minutes
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Miniatures Wargame Aviation / Flight Modern Warfare
Modular Board Roll / Spin and Move

In this game, each player manoeuvres a fleet of helicopters and a fleet of jeeps (equipped with AA guns), trying to gain air or ground superiority. That is to say, you win by wiping out all of your opponent's choppers or all of his jeeps. A d3 indicates how many pieces you will move, and a d6 how far each one will move. Choppers move on the elevated "air" board, whilst jeeps stick to the ground. Terrain obstacles complicate matters for the jeeps at the players' "border". Choppers take choppers out by jumping over them (à la checkers); they can also take jeeps out by bombing them (stopping right above them). Jeeps take jeeps out by landing on them; they can also take choppers out using their AA guns (stopping right below them).

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