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2 - 8 players
average 15 minutes
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Party Game

The theme On a beach in St Tropez, some celebrities are having a nude midnight swim. But the paparazzi are here! It's a mad scramble to find your clothes in the dark before the flashes of the cameras. The game Each player is one of 8 possible celebrities. All the clothes and accessories of the celebrities are shuffled and dealt out on the table. You have a few moments to memorize the positions of the clothes before the lights are switched off. In the dark, the icons in the corner of the cards glow. You can tell its a pair of underpants, but whose shoes are they? You can switch around the cards to try to confuse the other players. At any moment, anyone could switch on the lights and then it's "freeze!" as the celebrities' pictures are splashed across the front page of every gossip magazine. You get "embarrassment" points for being naked, or for wearing someone else's clothes.

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