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Burger Quiz
3 - 6 players
average 30 minutes
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Humor Trivia

Burger Quiz Yes or No Both teams compete to answer first 4 Yes or No questions (4x1 Pts) Menus Teams can chose from "Menus", a set of questions related by a common theme (5Pts/menu) The Bill, please Both teams compete to answer open ended questions (4pts for each question) Wrong answer sends the points to the other team. The Burger of Death It's extremely difficult. A player from the winning team must listen to 10 (simple) questions in a row and then give all the answers in the correct order. But the defining quality of the game is its absurd humor. Lots of the questions are complete nonsense, or absurdly simple. But the goal is just having fun... "In a street fight, who'd be the strongest, Bill Gates or Mike Tyson?" "

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