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Solitaire Caesar
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Ancient Print & Play Wargame Territory Building
Dice Rolling Area Movement

In Solitaire Caesar the player re-creates the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from 300BC to 1453AD. You will lead the legions of Rome to victory, and then struggle to preserve the legacy of Empire from Barbarian onslaughts. This is a solitaire wargame. It is province based, and will take approximately 60 minutes to play. The game has been extensively play tested (by people on BGG), here are some comments from play testers: "The theme of the game is truly amazing. During the game you feel like hordes of barbarians are attacking you from everywhere....The game is brilliant. I enjoy a lot playing and right now a big 9 is given to it. As I said you get the feeling you are leading Rome and it has a lot of theme into it." NP "I could definitely see myself playing this on slow work days or in the evenings when I don't have an opponent and my girlfriend is busy or out." CT "So, I really like this game. I think it has a solid future." TD "Super - elegant and concise rules wedded to an engaging subject!...the game really does impose interesting strategic choices on the player." Rg "Overall I find it an incredibly enjoyable game I'd gladly pay money for!" CB The link to the game is: Ave!

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