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Der schwarze Pirat
2 - 4 players
average 15 minutes
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Nautical Children's Game Pirates Action / Dexterity
Dice Rolling Point to Point Movement

The good, honest seafarers sail from one treasure island to the next. However, Salvador Sea Devil, the Black pirate stays hard on their heels trying to pillage their treasures. Using his vessel, the "Black Svenja", Salvador Sea Devil quickly approaches and tries to board the seafarers' boats. The seafarers immediately set sail. Suddenly a strong gust of wind whistles around their heads and as the sails tighten the boat skims across the sea. At the very last moment they escape from Salvador, the Sea Devil. The game board shows the sea and various islands. The six islands with harbor are the treasure islands. On each treasure island there is a colored flag. Put a gold coin on each treasure island. One island shows the flag of the pirate: this is the pirate‘s island. Put the pirate vessel into the bay of the pirate island. Each player takes a little bag and a boat of the same color. Place your boat on the ship of the corresponding color shown in the center of the game board. The remaining gold coins, the bellows and both dice are kept ready next to the game board. At sea, there is nearly always a strong wind blowing. Sailing boats use the force of the wind: the big sails gather the wind, which then propels the ships forward. You can provoke strong gusts of wind with the bellows, to move the ships on.

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