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2 - 4 players
average 90 minutes
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Science Fiction Dice Fighting Racing
Point to Point Movement Modular Board Variable Player Powers Role Playing Take That

A futuristic game of deadly driving. Have you ever pressed the imaginary button on the dashboard of your car to vaporize the idiot driver's car in front ? BATTLECARS is a game in which 'road rage' takes on a whole new meaning. Vent your frustration on other players by arming your car with machine guns and rockets. Watch in glee as cars explode into fireballs. Drive on and smile as the next target comes into range. Set the gunnery computer and squeeze the trigger - then BOOM! How long can you survive in the deadly arena of the future ? Do you have what it takes to be a highway warrior ? Only by playing BATTLECARS, with its unique simulation of driving skill and combat, will you ever find out. Expansion Set Battlebikes

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