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Conan Collectible Card Game
2 - 9 players
average 30 minutes
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Fantasy Card Game Mythology Collectible Components Fighting Adventure

Collectible Card Game based on Conan. Artwork and ideas pulled mainly from Robert E. Howard's works with other sources to follow in expansions. The goal is to become King of Aquilonia. Your version of Conan (each player will have one of their own) needs to gain renown by defeating enemies. These foes come in varying strengths and attempt to flank your Conan card to inflict as many hits as possible. If your Conan falls to 0 health, you lose. The choice lies in heaving many weak foes at Conan, or 1 or 2 major enemies. The combat mechanic involves the comparison of icons along the sides of the moves and maneuvers performed by Conan and his various foes. These will determine hits, misses, and blocks. The game features new artwork from Dark Horse artist Paul Lee, CCG artists such as Alex Horley and Patrick McEvoy, and legendary fantasy artist, Ken Kelly. Some art is taken from current Dark Horse comics, as well as some old Savage Sword covers.

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