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Chicken Pickin'
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Action / Dexterity

A dexterity game for two players age 7 and above. Each player takes a pair of chopsticks. The players agree how many rounds they wish to play. One player takes the 10 chickens and three dice and throws them on the table. The sum of the two red dice, minus the number rolled on the blue die, is the target number. If the target number is greater than 0, the players grab the chopsticks and try to pick up as many chickens as the target number demands. The player who manages to do this first, scores that number. If the target number is less than 1, grabbing the chopsticks gives the player 1 negative point. The next round starts with the player who lost this round throwing dice and chickens. Components: 10 grilled chickens, 2 pairs of chopsticks, 2 red dice, 1 blue die

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