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2 - 4 players
average 20 minutes
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Dice Rolling Pattern Building

Eclipse is a little "push your luck" game with dice. The goal is to be the first player to "Eclipse" his scoring grid by covering it with black tiles. The active player throws the 5 dice and must set aside all dice coming up showing the black side. A decision is then made to "quit" or "go on". If the player quits, he takes the same number of tiles as black sides he has thrown and places them onto his grid. His turn ends. If he goes on, he throws the remaining (white face) dice again. If more black sides come up, he sets them aside and decides again to quit or go on. Any time a player throws the dice and no new black sides come up, his turn ends and he places nothing on his grid. If he eventually gets all black sides up, he gets to place 5 black tiles onto his grid and start a new turn. The tiles placement must obey to certain restrictive rules. It is also possible to do an attack roll of the dice. The attacking player roll one time the 5 dice and have to place all for all the black sides coming up. He places on the grid of the player of his choice and follow the same placement rules. But, of course, he will do so in a manner to mess up the grid and make it harder for him to win.

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