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The players each take different a role - prince, princess, juggler (x2) - and work together to retrieve treasures from the dragon's lair. The game board shows the path to the dragon's lair, which is located on an island the players can only reach by a raft. Players roll and move their pieces, but there is a lucky and an unlucky side to the dice. If they roll the unlucky side, the dragon is moved and might capture them; if they roll the lucky side, they can move their own piece. If a piece reaches one of various unlucky fields, it is stuck there and can only be freed by another player who announces a "lucky roll" - if successful (the die lands on one of the lucky sides), the stuck player can move out of his/her field. If unlucky, the dragon moves as usual. The players must reach the dragon's island, retrieve the treasure and return to their home base to win. Contents: 1 board, 4 pawns, 4 special dice, 1 dragon

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