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Dragons of Kir
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Abstract Strategy
Tile Placement

Dragons of Kir is an exciting, fast-paced, two-player strategy board game. The object of the game is to strategically place tiles that deflect one of the four constantly moving dragons into your opponent's war tent while defending your own. Colorful tiles, representing the forces of nature and the forces of man, interact with the dragons and influence their movement. Clever tile play creates an ever-changing landscape where opposite edges of the board connect. As quickly as one marauding dragon is deflected another may threaten you. Players must balance both offense and defense in order to succeed. The game play is quick and offers a different experience each time you sit down to play. Dragons of Kir is a themed version of Darter, which won the 2006 Origins Vanguard Innovative Game Award at Gama, with some new tiles and different rules. 4 Player Wood Expansion Set adds rules for 3 and 4 players, wood dragons and war tents, and introduces the dragon token. Re-implements: Darter

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