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Penniless and Insane
3 - 7 players
average 30 minutes
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Card Game
Auction/Bidding Trick-taking

Penniless and Insane is a simple auction game with a twist: the lowest bid takes the good stuff, but the object is to run out of money. Every player is a frustrated artist nearing the end of a wasted life. With no inspiration and a lackluster body of work, your newfound ambition is to die penniless and insane. You believe that this will make your work more valuable, which only proves you're already insane. You spend your last few dollars buying art from students, apprentices, friends, and even total strangers. This is the artwork you hope to pass off as your own after your looming death. However, since all the talented artists are still young and idealistic, they care little for your so-called "money". In fact, the less money you offer them, the better art you will get! The game is scored over multiple rounds. Each round consists of 3 tricks. Every player starts each round with exactly $20 in chips. To start the round, deal 3 cards to each player... and start buying (cheap) art! There are "Penniless Bonuses" and "Insane Bonuses" awarded after each round. First to 300 points wins. This first appeared in Game Trade Magazine #17, July 2001, Page 47.

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