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Blood Bowl (Second Edition): Elves, Dwarfs and Dungeonbowl
average 180 minutes
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Fantasy Fighting Sports Expansion for Base-game
Tile Placement Variable Player Powers

Blood Bowl (Second Edition): Elves, Dwarfs and Dungeonbowl is the part of the Blood Bowl Series! The back of the box gives the following description: Elves, Dwarfs and Dungeonbowl contains 32 finely - sculpted plastic models - complete Elf and Dwarf Blood Bowl teams - plus rules and components for Dungeonbowl, a Blood Bowl variant sponsored by the Colleges of Magic. Dungeonbowl as its name suggests, is played in a Dungeon. The teams move about using teleporters, and must begin the game by searching for the ball hidden in one of the trapped chests scattered throughout the Dungeon. Once the ball has been found, there's a furious battle for possession - the first team to score a touchdown wins, so the game is hard-fought and fast pace.

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